Monday, October 17, 2005

What do we have to do?

Are you a Blogger? Yes I am
Are you Indian? Yes I am
Do you think IIPM's ads are cheesy shit? Yes I do

So I am obligated to write a post with the keyword... IIPM... So there.

Firstly, we need to get back at IIPM. Why? Not because we hate them. Not because they lie and mislead students. Those may be valid reasons, but as a community (la "blogsphere"), we first care for our own. We need to retaliate so that they cannot threaten and intimidate Rashmi, Gaurav and Varna any more. We need to retaliate so that no one else intimidates another journalist/blogger for writing the truth.

So, we want to retaliate. We know how to do that, right? We are spouting blog posts and comments and emails and petitions. Mostly at EACH OTHER - all the readers and writers are people who would not dream of considering IIPM for anyone in their family. We are preaching to the converted.

We are achieving nothing.

What do we want to achieve?



Kill IIPM's revenue stream.


Reduce their enrollment.


The student who considers IIPM as a valid use of Rs 7 lakhs of his parents' money is probably not reading our blogs. We need to reach him and tell him that even though there may be places where money can buy you a career, IIPM is not one of them.

We need to convince him IIPM is a bad investment.

The next post tells how to do this.

How do we do it?

If you really want the blog-community to give a resounding response to IIPM, forget your blog for a moment and reach out to the real world.

Print 10 (100? 1000? 10000?) copies of the pamphlet below on your own dime and paste them on every public bulletin board you know of (your apartment, your company, your college, your family's workplaces etc etc etc). Ask your newspaperman to put these pamphlets inside the paper.

----------- BEGIN

IIPM Degree is Unrecognized

IIPM Advertisements are FALSE

Do you really want to become a Direct Sales Agent after spending Rs 7 lakhs in Fees at IIPM?

Go to for full details.

Yeah, this is physical spam. But agitations are always spam in some form.

And if you want to comment on this post to say that this is the correct thing to do, do not bother! Just do it. Please comment only if you disagree with this post.

Talk to the local newspapers in your state or city - they are not dependent on IIPM ad money and will gladly print this.

Why try to convince big media for this? We are the grassroots and we know our power. Let us tap the next level beyond grassroots - the local press and other small mags like JAMMAG. They are closer to us and will understand and sympathize with JAMMAG.

Go to every shared computer you know of, in your neighborhood cybercafe, in your school lab and everywhere else, and set the home page to

In your Yahoo messenger status, enter

And do NOT forget this issue - let's not have a brouhaha for a week followed by business as usual as soon as Gaurav lands another job.

And to THEM I say...

Apne personal Laptops jalaoge?

Peaceful Satyagraha karoge?

Gandhi banoge?

Yeh sab hamein bhi aata hai.

Rok sako to rok lo.